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Main process analysis of electroplating equipment

1. Electroosmosis: also under the action of electric field, because the solid phase will not change, but the liquid phase will move. The effect of electroosmosis will make the moisture contained in the film gradually drain out to the outside of the film, and finally form a phenomenon that even the current can not pass through, so the overall moisture content is relatively low, but the resistance is a relatively high dense film layer.
2. Electrophoresis: under the action of direct current electric field, the particles with both positive and negative colloids move towards negative and positive direction, so it can also be called swimming.
3. Electrolysis: different oxidation and reduction reactions are carried out on the electrode, but different phenomena of reduction and oxidation are formed on the electrode.
4. Electrodeposition: due to the role of electrophoresis, the charged colloidal particles moving to the anode radiate electrons on the surface of the template, but they will show the insoluble state of deposition, and different phenomena of precipitation, at this time, the paint film will form.